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Welcome to my world of Whimsical Dreams!

This piece, to me, has two meanings:

First of all, it represents my dreams and also the possibilities of having been in another dimension when I sleep. Often times, when dreams get really vivid and we remember them, we cannot seem to explain or describe them in so many words. I am sure we have all had that dream experience before at some point in our lives, perhaps more so often now that the world is changing.

On the other hand, this art piece is the epitome of my life as an artist. It is, first of all, chaotic, colourful, bold and vibrant. But behind it all, you will find that there's peace and harmony, and the feeling of oneness or belonging to something in the distance. The feeling of so-close-but-yet-so-far. It also represents all the twists and turns in life, the successes and failures in the past, present and future all intertwined together, indicating that everything happens in the NOW. There is so much to absorb in this piece; every colour, pattern, shape and line, all connected or entangled together in such a beautiful mess.

This artipiece was created in 2018 entitled "My Whimsical Dreams", and had been selected to feature in two books:

Curatorial - Leaders in Contemporary Art, 2020

Artfolio - 2022

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