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Understanding the Source - "Mama"

"Mama" is a work of art, literally. At least for me. This art piece depicts how we are always nurtured by our Source in every way possible. And the little abstract mandalas represent individual beings born with different abstracts/patterns but yet are all the same simply because they all came from the same Source.

The Source is the "Mama" itself. How she nurtures and nourishes her children with unconditional love is sometimes beyond the comprehension of a human being. However, the message of this art piece is that if we all choose to love without judgment, or even without questioning the love itself, we can eventually learn to understand what true love really is and how we can always help one another.

We just simply need to allow it - welcome it wholeheartedly. The rays that are emanating from "Mama" represents the love that connects us all. No one is excluded from her love, no matter how different each are to one another.

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